Pastor Ed serves as the Lead Pastor of The Hightower Church, a contemporary and vibrant church in London. Having served in ministry for over 25 years at different leadership levels, Ed is a dynamic and visionary leader. A seasoned teacher of God’s word, he always presents God’s word in ways that are relevant to the hearers.

Ed is a great mix of humility, integrity, compassion and foresight. His spirituality is expressed in his love for God, God’s word and his compassion for people. His passion is to help people encounter God through the inspired teaching of God’s word, causing them to live for Jesus.

Ed pastors the church alongside his amiable wife, Pastor Chinelo. She is a woman full of grace, wisdom and undying faith. She is often described as an exemplary wife who has been and continues to be a source of unparalleled support to Ed in ministry.

Chinelo ministers God’s word with simplicity, passion and power. She passionately believes in the role of the church in building strong families and marriages that reflect God’s glory. Chinelo is the convener of Sisterly Connection, a quarterly prayer meeting for ladies. Through these meetings, ladies are inspired to build prayer alters through which they draw God’s presence and pushback the forces of darkness.

Together, Pastor Ed and Pastor Chinelo are blessed with two lovely children.